Adcom Preamps and Tuner/Preamps

Customers have been delighted. They describe a more open, transparent, focused, clearer, articulate, 3D, liquid and tube-like sound quality. Add to all of this add a new level of detail, neutrality and intelligibility.

Our modification to the existing circuit boards include changes in power supply caps, bypass caps, Op-amps, coupling caps, etc. In some cases we add bypass caps that were not there in the original circuit. It is a relatively extensive modification.

Elite version includes: Schottky rectifiers, superb i.e. expensive opamps where required and very natural sounding audio-grade capacitors for power supply.

We don’t offer kits for these modifications, so these are all installed prices.

MC-3 Preamp Circuit Board

Make no mistake! This is a "State of the Art" sound. The MC-3 fits Adcom preamps - not tuner/preamps. Phono, line and power supplies are on board.  Factory installations only. The OPS-8 listed below is usually required, always recommended.

MC-3 circuit card: $459 installed, Line Stage only version $359

Note: Volume control not included since the excellent Noble volume control is used in these preamps. Important Note: tone controls and filters are eliminated.

Elite Versions: add $100 for Line Stage/Power Supply (includes soft-recovery rectifier mods to outboard power supply, Nichicon MUSE® caps, add $50 extra for Phono stage modifications using Nichicon MUSE® caps

Preamplifier Options

OPS-4B, OPS-8 Outboard Power Supply

For your B&K preamps and others. OPS-4B features one +30VDC and one -30VDC output. OPS-8 Features dual + 30VDC outputs for use with MC-3. Each has a large toroid transformer and 40,000ufd of very high quality capacitors. Signature versions of this power supply have Schottky rectifiers. 

This power supply is large enough for a small power amplifier!!!!!!!!

OPS-4B: $229, OPS-8: $249.00/kit


Adcom Preamplifier Modifications