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Hafler preamp mod……….. page updated. (01-17-19)

Jensen 4-pole power supply capacitors…..are in short supply. We have some Pull-Out caps in 10KuF/80V that we originally installed and removed later. Call for more details.(12-18-18)

Our well respected PA-6 is now in a second production run….. Make your Hafler amp compete with anything! You won’t find that an unsupportable boast! We are so happy with the sound that there are no changes for 2018-2019. There is no PA-6A in sight. The sound is well beyond anything we’ve offered before. Enjoy potent rock solid deep bass, purity, treble delicacy and warmth that resonates in the heart of music lovers. See PA-6 here. (08-11-18)

Your Hafler DH-200/220…. requests a new lease on life. The LC-200 power supply cap kit is ready to help. This pair of higher value/performance capacitors and additional parts has a quick remove and replace workflow. Do your amp and ears a favor. (08-11-18)

The new version of our popular PS-200…. power supply kit is the PS-220. The board has been redesigned making installation simpler and faster. It also has tracks on the solder side that you can really bulk up by filling in more solder. Sophisticated muscle is a good thing. See new board and other power supply options here.  (08-11-18)

Our LX MKII mods…. for Hafler preamps are celebrating two years of making those preamps strut some rather unbelievable sound. If you’ve always wanted to confuse your Hafler DH-101/110 for a tube preamp this can help. Get that thing out of the closet - let it make you smile. Upgrade yours now - new information HERE. (08-11-18)

PasPro 1 tube kit for Hafler DH-101…….…superb sound / Hafler chassis! Yes, that’s right a tubed Hafler DH-101. Tube  phono and line stage for under $1000. That’s more like it. See PDF manual, details!  What will they think of next? (08-16-18)

Due to Jensen cap availability problems…. and some new board changes you will see attractive edits and new photos on our PS-100/220/500 page (08-10-18)

New Items Will Be Listed…on our Demo/Used page in the next several days. (06-07-18)

Dark day in Denmark……..not really but Jensen caps, the wonderful 4-pole caps we love, will experience production delays much of this year. So as you look at our power supply options think of Mundorf 4-pole or 2-pole caps as a strong choice. They are wonderfully open and natural. Prices are attractive too. PS-220M Special for DH-500/XL-600 too! See here! (05-15-18)

PS-500J is our newest power supply………. replacement board with (8) Jensen caps for the DH-500/XL-600 amps or custom installs. For instance you own a B&K amp that you’d love to pamper. Okay it’s you that you’re pampering but that’s the point. See it. (08-07-17 & 10-30-17)

Incredible reviews….. are starting to come on the PA-6 from our customers.(06-05-17)

New Additions, Upgrades….. on Connectors (03-03-17)

A Few New Reviews…. see our Ovations Page.(03-03-17)

NEW, Extremely Transparent PA-6… Hafler amplifier driver boards are shipping now! Enjoy a purity and warmth that resonates in the heart of music lovers. See PA-6 here.



New! PS-500V2(REV B)……..88,000uF Dual-Mono Power Supply for Hafler DH-500/XL-600. See info.

Re-stocked LC-500 caps for DH-500.............for the simplest power supply installation. Details here!


Chameleon Phono Board Update………… is now available. There are new operating points for the gain stages and new cathode caps with new bypasses. Listeners report a “panoramic” quality with better micro and macro details. Also a superior octave to octave balance and clarity has been noted. A truer sense of depth and focus has been mentioned with some images closer and others deeper for a more pinpoint imaging quality, a more solid sound stage portrayal.(10-03-18)  And remember there are upgrades to the main boards and individual gain  (Active) boards too in many cases.

Musical Design D-140 and D-150 amp owners…. can now enjoy a striking upgrade in sound quality with our new 6 Series driver boards. Put those aging driver boards out to retirement. See our D-150B amp page. (08-11-18)

SP-1/2/2B Upgrade………. time is here. We have now developed two levels of outstanding upgrades. The dynamics, naturalness, clarity and bass performance is a joy to the audiophile heart. See the details. (08-11-18)

Check out our Hybrid Amps!……… Sweet, clean, immensely natural dynamics and definition!

SEE NEW……. power amp lineup with four new amps! See our T-100, 100W/CH Hybrid Amp!

NEW PRICING, FEATURES FOR OUR HYBRID AMPS........... Musical Design T-75 and T-100

New! Musical Design DM-100D …..…CRC multi-stage power supply - smooth, affordable. See the details.

New! Musical Design D-75D …….CRC multi-stage power supply - smooth, affordable. See the details.

New! DAC-1A Upgrade is .…….… incredibly 3D with finely sculpted imaging. It’s musical reality! Details!

Ultra Natural sounding…………. Elite and Elite Ultra option on many models!

Phono add-on board option for …………..Chameleon and legacy SP-2B model. Here!

Check out the DEMO/USED page............for some new Musical Design items.

Musical Concepts / Musical Design Modifications challenge the best new products! New components - superb sound quality, unparalleled value!