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HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY…………to all who have served and their families. Thank you. (11-11-22)

NEW SUPERB B&K AMP UPGRADES……..with new PC board replacements are coming soon. These are all new for us. They owe their creation to the PA-7/8 modifications. They bring the exciting improvements available to Hafler owners so B&K owners can smile anew. We no longer have to tell B&K owners to get a Hafler if they want our best.

These are for those amps with the ‘plastic’ TO-3P style transistors. The earlier B&K amps with the full metal can mosfets will eventually be addressed too. We welcome your comments on those early amps. As information becomes available you will see details on the B&K amp page.  (11-11-22)

Power MOSFET replacement ……… is becoming a problematic issue with the announced “END OF LIFE” status for the Exicon metal can/TO-3 style devices. If you have a Hafler amp you might want a set for your amp if they are available. We will investigate the adoption of the TO-247 size ‘plastic’ devices like we use for our PA-8 mod for application in the DH-500/XL-600.(05-09-22)

Our mod workload……..dictates that we must shut down ‘custom’ work for now and perhaps permanently. Some exceptions may be made, for instance, a modified Musical Design product or custom work that Musical Concepts previously produced. If it isn’t on the website ‘menu’ it is not offered for now. (08-06-21)

Recent feedback…..

“Absolutely amazing. Day and night difference. The sound is outstanding.” DH-500 with PA-7 Elite & PS-500 V2B, David S., FL

PA-7 V2…announced. Once again there’s no fear for PA-7 owners since they can convert to the V2 with a small kit of parts soon.(06-17-21)

New connector offerings…. on our Connectors Page.  (10-28-20)

We have shortchanged the Hafler Pro amps…… so we are addressing that. For instance check here. (05-12-20)

>>>>Remember, Shippers will come to you………at your place, your time and pick up your package. ‘Stay or Shelter at home’ and ship items via home pickup offered by package carriers - UPS, USPS, etc. Check their websites to review services. We remain open and offer all normal services during the pandemic. (04-08-20)

Looking for a task to keep you busy………… in this temporary new world full of free time. We have reduced the pricing of the PA-6 modifications and the remaining PA-5 stock, our excellent mods for the classic Hafler amps.(03-25-20)

New outboard power supplies…….. New looks, superior performance.  See here. (03-17-20)

Our PA-7 amplifier mod kit………. is now shipping. Unimaginably superior to our previous versions. We didn’t expect to make a major breakthrough but it’s here, it’s huge. We invite comparisons to anything. Discounted deals for PA-6 owners. (12-31-19, 01-20-20)

Some New tube info and a bit more……… on our FAQ page (11-27-19)

PasPro 1 tube kit for Hafler DH-101…….… superb sound / Hafler chassis! Yes, that’s right a tubed Hafler DH-101. Tube  phono and line stage for under $1000. That’s more like it. See PDF manual, details!  What will they think of next? (08-16-18)

A Few New Reviews…. see our Ovations Page.



A NEW MUSICAL DESIGN AMPLIFIER…. is under development. We are working on a M4(+) model that addresses worthy concerns with the cost of shipping. It will feature lightweight super quiet switching power supplies replacing the heavy power transformer and filter caps of more traditional amps. If you think this means compromised sound then you are as wrong as we were when we skeptically started exploring the idea.

This is not a digital power amp, class D or similar. It is a Class AB power amp owing its creation to our Musical Concepts PA-7 driver boards.

It is much smaller than previous efforts but the sound is gigantic, smooth and silky with potent tight defined bass. We are wowed and think you will be too. You just have to hear it to believe this sound is coming from a small amp. It’s not magic just good engineering. To convince you we are considering a loaner program. More info and photos to come soon.(11-11-22)

SP-1/2/2B preamp upgrade changes……….are listed here. (04-20-20)

Chameleon Phono Board Update………… is now available. There are new operating points for the gain stages and new cathode caps

 with new bypasses. Listeners report a “panoramic” quality with better micro and macro details. Also a superior octave to octave balance and clarity has been noted. A truer sense of depth and focus has been mentioned with some images closer and others deeper for a more pinpoint imaging quality, a more solid sound stage portrayal.(10-03-18)  And remember there are upgrades to the main boards and individual gain  (Active) boards too in many cases.

Musical Design D-140 and D-150 amp owners…. can now enjoy a striking upgrade in sound quality with our new 7 Series driver boards. Put those aging driver boards out to retirement. See our D-150B amp page. (08-11-18)

zSP-1/2/2B Upgrade………. time is here. We have now developed two levels of outstanding upgrades. The dynamics, naturalness, clarity and bass performance is a joy to the audiophile heart. Seezz tzhe details. (08-11-18)

Check out our Hybrid Amps!……… Sweet, clean, immensely natural dynamics and definition!

SEE NEW……. power amp lineup with four new amps! See our T-100, 100W/CH Hybrid Amp!

NEW PRICING, FEATURES FOR OUR HYBRID AMPS........... Musical Design T-75 and T-100

New! Musical Design DM-100D …..…CRC multi-stage power supply - smooth, affordable. See the details.

New! Musical Design D-75D …….CRC multi-stage power supply - smooth, affordable. See the details.

New! DAC-1A Upgrade is .…….… incredibly 3D with finely sculpted imaging. It’s musical reality! Details!

Ultra Natural sounding…………. Elite and Elite Ultra option on many models!

Phono add-on board option for …………..Chameleon and legacy SP-2B model. Here!

Check out the DEMO/USED page............for some new Musical Design items.

Musical Concepts / Musical Design Modifications challenge the best new products! New components - superb sound quality, unparalleled value!